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  • Gooseberry Extra Jam 290g

    Gooseberries come from the same family of plants as blackcurrants, redcurrants and raspberries, the Saxifrages. There are many different varieties of gooseberry and we use hand-picked locally sourced green gooseberries to make our jam. We pick the fruit in June at the beginning of the summer season and this is normally the first preserve of the year that comes out of the kitchen. When cooked green gooseberries will produce a pink coloured preserve that darkens in the jar over time. Gooseberries produce a lovely sharp flavoured jam.
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  • Gooseberry and Elderflower Extra Jam 290g

    Elderflower is a traditional accompaniment to gooseberry and produces a preserve with a subtly different flavour from gooseberry alone. The flower heads are foraged in June and washed before the small white flowers are added to the gooseberries at the beginning of cooking. When cooked green gooseberries and elderflowers will produce a pink coloured preserve that darkens in the jar over time. Gooseberry and elderflower is a lovely sharp flavoured jam – summer on a spoon!
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  • Loganberry Extra Jam 290g – Limited Edition

    Loganberry is a hybrid fruit of blackberry and raspberry and produces a lovely rich red jam that is not quite as sweet as raspberry and it does contain pips. Most of the loganberries we use are grown in our garden and are fourth generation cuttings that have been rooted and passed down the female line of my family from my great grandmother. This very popular preserve is not widely available and the fruit is available in season during August.
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